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"Nocturne" is my second submission for the Art Renewal Center Salon for this year.

    This is my submission for the ARC salon this year. This was completed during the Covid 19 pandemic of 2020. Many people were forced to stay home. Many people lost their jobs and businesses. It's a tribute to the tenacity of the human will, to make the best out of a bad situation.

    This is my first 3D piece, and the first in a series in reaction to the cultish dogma of popular culture, and cosumerism. Conform, Consume, Concede. Don't question the powers that be. Watch what you say or you'll be persecuted, you'll be cencored, you'll be banned. It's also part science experiment, if you will. I wish I could come back as a ghost in two hundred years and see what condition that cheese burger would be in.

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    It's been a while since my last post. But, I've been working as hard as ever. I have no shows or exhibits to speak of that are upcoming. We have changed our focus toward getting works into galleries as opposed to art fairs. More galleries, less art fairs. The big event I want to try to get in this year is the ARC Salon. The ARC stands for Art Renewal Center, and they promote modern realism, which is right up my alley so to speak.


    I'm toying around with an idea of going on a plein air painting trip this Spring. Maybe in May. We'll see.


   Well, here we are! After a nerve racking day yesterday, we are settled in to our booth at Hope For The Holidays. Pictured here is said booth. I get lots of complements. I've got something here for every budget. Next weekend my lovely wife and I will be at another art fair. That one is at White Oaks Mall, organized by Art Z Studio. We aren't actually participating in that one, just helping out. I was asked to be the judge for the prizes. Really? Me, a judge? I don't feel worthy! Come one come all to both of these shows. The one today is at Hope Presbyterian Church, 2211 Wabash Ave, Springfield Illinois.

   Two new paintings I'm posting today. The Parrots will be available soon at Art-Z Studio. The pointing hand called "You" is small model for a much bigger picture I plan to do soon. This version pictured here is to be donated to the Springfield Art Association for an event.

   Yesterday Marcia and I had the pleasure to go to Chicago and see the latest Bruno Surdo exhibit at Gallery Victor Armendariz. We were impressed. Bruno is a figurative painter working in a Realist tradition, mixed with elements that are painted loosely, with an impressionistic quality. I've known of Bruno Surdo for at least 23 years. Back when I first graduated from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, I had a chance to become one of his students. I even interviewed with him. But other circumstances didn't allow it to become a reality. Bruno Surdo is one of the best contemporary painters, in my opinion. A true inspiration of mine.