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   It was around September 1 that I finished a portrait that I've been working on all summer. I call it "Portrait Of Anne Nonimas," (Anonymous). Or just Anne for short. Anne is a composit picture of four or five different people using pieces of photos I found on the Internet all "jigsaw puzzled" together in Photoshop to form a single fictitious person. I then painted her. I'm using the portrait to advertise my portrait painting service at Art-Z Studio, the gallery currently showing my work. But, a collector who likes my work has been interested in buying it. That's fine, I could use the money. I'll have to do another portrait to replace it though.


   I'm also about to finish another picture with two parrots. On the fifth I started a tiny painting on a six by six inch square canvas That I'm slated to donate to the Springfield Art Association for an annual raffle. It depicts just a hand pointing it's index toward the viewer. I plan to call it "You."